Yang Style Tai Chi

Awaken the Power within you!

Restore your health and Vitality!

Boost your Energy and your Spirit!

For the best in health and fitness Yang Style Tai Chi and Qi Kung classes.
We begin with the most essential aspect of bodymind harmony, we begin with Yoga. We teach a Yoga routine to improve your flexibility. A standing routine for the upper and lower extremities and a floor routine for the back and waist. You will learn to meditate in both standing and sitting posture.

In addition we will teach you the secrets of Taoist longevity exercises. Qi Kung is standing meditation with movement. Our students learn a) Tai Chi Ruler Exercises, b) Eight Treasures Qi Kung and, c) Dragon Gate Qi Kung. These exercises improve the strength in your muscles and tendons, and increases your lung capacity giving you more intake of oxygen and prana. It may sound like work but in the end it’s a lot of fun.

Within four weeks you will learn the Tai Chi Qi Kung. It consists of the first five movements of the Yang style Tai Chi form, performed in four directions. Upon completion of this set you may continue to learn the entire 36 movements of the Yang style short form.

This entire venture could take from six to nine months. You can learn at your own pace. We can guarantee that you will meet some of the nicest people and it will be a cherish part of your week. You will be with spiritually minded people who are working to improve their health and well being, through exercise, meditation and good company.

You are being invited to join our class and begin a new and exciting discipline in which you are guaranteed to experience a healthier life style with tools to reduce your stress and anxiety. Our classes meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7: 30 PM to 9 PM. We recommend that you allow yourself one full year of Yang Style Tai Chi to actualize the maximum benefits.