Acupuncture in the Treatment of Allergies

Although allopathic medicine is effective at treating the allergic response, side effects such as drowsiness and insomnia cause many to seek alternative approaches for allergy management. Allergy symptoms are frequently treated with antihistamine agents (antihistamines, nasal corticosteroids, allergy shots, and decongestants), which often treat symptoms by immune system suppression. Seasonal and perennial allergies are effectively treated using acupuncture.

As a primary therapy modality or in combination with conventional medication, acupuncture effectively addresses the root cause of allergies by correcting the underlying immune system imbalance. Those who suffer from allergies should speak to their acupuncture physician about how acupuncture can reduce symptoms and prevent allergic reactions. Acupuncture focuses on symptom relief while aiding the body’s capacity to regulate antigen-antibody reactions and process allergens. Acupuncture therapy minimizes asthma, fatigue, sinus headache and other allergic reactions.

For some people, allergies can be managed with acupuncture maintenance treatments during seasonal changes. Patients suffering from seasonal allergies should seek treatment a month prior to the start of the allergy season to lessen the effects of allergies. Others may require a series of treatments to reduce dependency on medication and decrease congestion and coughs. Improvement in allergy symptoms usually occurs after the first four to six treatments for perennial or chronic allergy sufferers. The severity of the allergic condition determines the length of treatment.

Chinese herbal medicine and dietary modification may be prescribed in conjunction with acupuncture to lessen the effects of allergies. Acupuncture should be used preventatively when allergic reactions are not occurring.

Acupuncture treatment for allergy management usually results in less frequent colds, sinus headaches and congestion and increases energy. For more information on acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for allergies and allergic symptoms contact Dr. Richard Browne.